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Thread: Amazon and Food Stamps

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    Jul 2011

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    Quote Originally Posted by Southern Dad View Post
    Hard working illegal aliens that do not want to unionize and aren't on their cell phones the whole shift.
    So, you are in favor of illegal immigrants flooding our country?

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    Feb 2015

    Shady Dale, Georgia
    Quote Originally Posted by Hollywood View Post
    So, you are in favor of illegal immigrants flooding our country?
    No, I am not. I believe that we have borders and laws. But if you issue them work permits, that makes the legal to hire. In addition with immigration status being a protected class, I am required to not hold that against them when they fill out the applications. Win/Win. Well, the American workers wanted those jobs won't think it is a win but hell, unemployment is better than it has ever been. Besides those low paying labor jobs that the illegals used to do will be open.

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    Feb 2007

    Quote Originally Posted by Neomalthusian View Post
    There's nothing extremist about anything I'm saying. If anything is extremist, it is the claim that a company which advertises for low-wage work to be done is somehow "creating welfare recipients." That makes no logical sense and requires labor union/Democrat extremism to even think that way.

    If a company needs two people to press a button every time a light goes on, and there are a there are a thousand poor people signing up willing to do that job for minimum wage and no benefits, the company did not create those 998 people who will still be without a job no matter what happens, nor for that matter did it create the two who get and accept the job, nor did the company create the welfare programs for which the 998 unemployed and 2 employed people all voluntarily sign up. The people existed already, and the social welfare programs they sign up for were created so that they'd have their needs met. It requires very warped thinking to accuse the company of "creating welfare recipients" merely because it has a glut of willing labor at its disposal and the government created social welfare programs.

    In fact, there is a line of thinking emerging that suggests welfare policy should be made more generous so that it more adequately meets people's needs and makes them less likely to be willing to labor for pitiful wages. In fact if the welfare policy is generous enough, a statutory minimum wage isn't even needed, because people won't be incentivized to even apply for low wage jobs because it doesn't make them markedly better off, it just wastes their time and provides them basically no fulfillment, and employers will have to lure people off of welfare with higher wages to even get them to want to work for them. Remember most of these low paying jobs are not the least bit rewarding or fulfilling (and I don't mean financially). They're mindless jobs that should be automated anyway.
    You can't tell me where I'm coming from. You are pinning your notions on me based on how you feel about a political party and my comment was about the 'either all or nothing' argument you keep laying down. That makes it difficult to discuss with you so I called it extreme and bailed. Just to clarify.

    Arguments that go that route are just a rabbit hole of bias and honestly, its just bullshit.

    I feel companies shouldn't have employees on standard welfare because their employer doesn't pay a livable wage.
    You feel welfare should be eliminated.

    Well it's not going to be so why are you still coming from left field? Lala land.

    I've never voted democrat but yes, I easily identify with them sometimes because that's the requirement of living in a society... sometimes.
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