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Thread: Tax law may send factories and jobs abroad

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    Nov 2014

    This is why corporations are rewarding employees with Full time Jobs (U6 shows that part time jobs are becoming full time jobs)

    Corporations are rewarding employees with Raises

    Corporations are rewarding employees with bonuses

    Corporations are rewarding consumers with lower prices.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HayJenn View Post
    HayJenn, regarding your provided link,
    How the Tax Plan Will Send Jobs Overseas
    Companies are going to be able to save a ton of money by locating factories abroad.
    John Minchillo / AP, Gene B. Sperling, Dec 8, 2017:

    I too am concerned about taxing corporations' foreign earnings at a lesser tax rate. It's a strong inducement for investing into and importing from foreign producing enterprises to the net detriment of USA's GDP and numbers of jobs.
    If the USA adopted the trade policy described within Wikipedia's “Import Certificates” article, I'd have no objection to the lesser rate of corporate taxes. The Import Certificate policy would increase our GDP and numbers of jobs more than otherwise.
    Annual trade deficits are always net detrimental to their nations' GDPs and numbers of jobs.

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