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Thread: Hourly wages going up

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    Nov 2014

    Quote Originally Posted by Miller47 View Post
    Says who?

    Says The New Yawk Times, that's who.

    "As the unemployment rate has fallen in recent months and the economy has roared one central question has bedeviled the U.S. job market: Where is the wage growth?

    New data Friday suggested an answer: It is here, and it is now.

    Average hourly earnings jumped 2.9% in January from a year earlier, the Labor Department said Friday, the latest sign that the long, slow, economic recovery is at last reaching Americans pocketbooks."

    After all the whining about how the bonuses are just "crumbs" now we see that wages are finally rising, too.

    Let the good times roll! Yeah, baby!
    Just think Democrats opposed the law that allowed these increases to occur..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Miller47 View Post
    And now wages are REALLY starting to go up, so much in fact, that even the New York Times reported it.

    Of course, some of the Trump Haters will still complain that they are not going up fast enough...
    And yet trump remains an idiot, and a criminal, and an embarrassment to all true Americans.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Miller47 View Post
    Not according to the New York Times.

    its been going up every year for a long time.

    It went up 2.5% in 2016.
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