Fed QE3 May Hit $1 Trillion as Fiscal Deadlock Persists

QE is the largest tax payer bailout know to the world and no one says anything about it. It failed so they run two simultaneously and indefinitely. Well that failed also, gee who could have predicted that.

Unemployment is about 30% people not the lies your fucking government and THEIR media tell you.

You can not paper over a crash and expect the crash to go away. Obama tried that, well thats the line anyway. What he actually did is secure his position by paying off the banks with your tax dollars. The banks failed, they have never recovered. The T-Bill failed, it has never been in worse shape. 1.68% on ten years, what a fucking joke and a complete liability. Between the T-Bill and the zero rate bullshit the banks are guaranteed to start shutting their doors.

Now these cocksuckers are saying $1 trillion in QE. Well that is a bunch of shit. The truth is, the more QE these fucks do the more QE they will require. We learned that just a few weeks ago, again it still isn't enough.

You're in a fucking paper crash and the only way out is to stop providing more paper. This government must allow the hard thud no matter what because as sure as I am sitting here, you're going to get it anyway. It is better to prepare for it than have it slap you upside the face.