CME Group Sues to Block Dodd-Frank Swap Reporting Rules

The CME has been attempting to distance themselves from these guarantees. Hell Greece did what, a 40% or more write off? Did that trigger the CDS? No. How about MF Global and a couple smaller groups? Did the CME cover those? No! Municipalities and counties are going broke over the IRSwap(Interest Rate Swap) and with the fix in from LIBOR and the fed it is no wonder, s the CME going to cover that? Hell no.

Regulations are one thing peeps, but they must be upheld. We don't do that, and it is the little guys, like farmers, school districts, police, and others that are paying the price. That price eventually falls on you.

If the CME can't guarantee the swaps then it is time to close them, but that to creates a daisy chain of events, and none of those are any good.