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Thread: Can/Should middle schools teach subjects that many parents don't know how to?

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    I am not against kids learning about sex. I am also not against kids learning to cope with regard to the list there... but at what point does the school need to stand aside and say, I'm teaching academics, not providing mental health services, or whatever...? In any case, before I'd sign off on that extensive list, I'd want to know exactly what the teachers would be teaching my kids. Also, I'd want to understand how much time was spent on it, and how that impacted delivering academic lessons.

    As I stated in another post Sex education is EDUCATION. What makes you think that the classes your kids are taking oare not academic? Should we eliminate gym? Should we eliminate creative arts? If you want to know how much time is spent on subjects I suggest you see the teachers. Just about every school year begins with teachers explaining just with their curriculum is to parents.

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    English class.

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