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Thread: Are virtual, online schools the future?

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    Jun 2006

    Quote Originally Posted by Southern Dad View Post
    There are already high schools that offer classes via the internet. Here's an example from Georgia. It is the Jasper County School System. This isn't some third party run school. This is the counties school system for Jasper County which includes Monticello. That's where Trisha Yearwood is from. Jasper County Virtual Academy. The students that take their courses this way get the same diploma as those that attend 180 days.
    That's exactly the problem. People taking the coles notes version in their pyjamas get the same degree as people actually experiencing an education.

    50% of an education is learning the discipline to attend classes, to engage other students, engaging the prof and TAs, dealing with groups and difficult partners. There are organic components that cannot be reproduced.

    I've taken online university undergrad courses online, I took a post-grad certificate online, and working for the gubment I have ENDLESS online training. Both government and private designed courses. Universally they've been scams.

    When I'm in a class I have to demonstrate my understanding and learning to people's face. You've got no choice, you don't know something you sit there in a group looking like a fool getting the stink eye from the others.

    Online learning? Looks like this:

    According to Harvard Business definitions, BATNA theory of business negotiation stands for

    A) Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement

    B) Best Alternate Trade Association Practice.

    C) Best Negotiation Standard

    D) Bunnies Are The Nicest Actors.

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    Shady Dale, Georgia
    Oh yes, the multiple guess tests. However, that is true of the brick and mortar schools, too. Our schools really only teach two subjects, math and reading comprehension. It will call a section history but if they give you a paragraph about George Washington then ask four multiple choice questions about the paragraph, it's not history.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spookycolt View Post
    I never said I cheated, I explained how it will happen and currently does happen.

    Knowing about it does not mean I have done it.

    You should be thankful for the knowledge you get from me.
    You said you did papers for others...that's cheating. You said your wife would do your math.,,that's said you would do her liberal arts stuff...that's cheating.what is so sad is you're not even aware that you are exposing your lack of character

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