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Thread: A University faces a crisis of confidence amongst the working class

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neomalthusian View Post
    I still recommend reading and re-reading the pro-UHC article I posted in the health care sub-forum (and earlier in this thread). It agrees with most of what I think you're trying to say. You just go too far in your suspicion and cynicism in some places.
    I told you I hit a pay wall. And if I am "suspicious" and "cynical" because I think the profit motive actually works, that's an interesting take you've got there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NightSwimmer View Post
    This is what happens when you cut public funding for public universities. They have no choice then but to seek private sector funding via tuition increases, and working class people simply can't afford to compete with the 1 Percenters. Most of them are struggling just to get their basic living expenses paid from one month to the next.
    Lets see we have been under Obama Budgets until 1.5 months ago. so why did Obama cut the funding Democrats ran the Senate until 2015 so why did harry Reid cut funding the GOP ran the house so they have their responsiblity?

    But please show me ONE year that public funding was cut? Which makes your post moot. Because funding has not been cut.

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