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Thread: Law Professor Absolutely Destroys Student Letter

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    Spock of Vulcan Ian Jeffrey's Avatar
    Mar 2013

    Vulcan, down the street from Darth Vader
    Quote Originally Posted by THOR View Post
    And making contracts far more complicated to the average person. All in an attempt to trap them in mistakes to the benefit of the originator of the contract.
    That is hardly true of all contracts - maybe not even most. Certainly some, such as the TOS you see on websites, or with bank accounts, or insurance, or other contracts of adhesion. But even with negotiated contracts, you want to make sure you cover everything possible, because the whole point of reducing it to writing is to solve all possible problems in advance.
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    Veteran Member Dr.Knuckles's Avatar
    Jun 2006

    You know it’s odd, but I’ve never heard of anyone reading a “no parking” sign and making the mistake of thinking that there will never be any parking ever allowed anywhere on earth.

    I don’t recall a single incident of someone seeing a Nike “Just do it” slogan and getting upset because the slogan is telling people to do ALL THINGS, including dangerous, violent and illegal things.

    I can’t think of even one time that someone heard “skiing is fun” or “pizza is tasty” and got genuinely confused - honestly thinking that it meant that ONLY skiing is fun. Nothing else. Only pizza is tasty. No other food is. All other sports and food are inferior and should be banned.

    But show people a “black lives matter” t-shirt.....
    Thanks from NightSwimmer

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    Vexatious Correspondent Leo2's Avatar
    Jul 2011

    Quote Originally Posted by Kallie Knoetze View Post
    Mr. Jeffrey,

    Wow, just like a lawyer. You send out one sentence, a lawyer sends back ten.

    Somebody should remind the law professor there are no billable hours here.
    To the contrary - I regard it as a measured, intelligent, and carefully-worded response to an ill-judged criticism, and one which took the opportunity to inform the students concerned.

    Perhaps you do not share the regard and expertise in respect of the English language which this Master of Laws obviously enjoys - that is your prerogative; but it has no bearing upon the value of her response.
    Thanks from Ian Jeffrey

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