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Thread: Netherlands bans burqas

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    Quote Originally Posted by OlGuy View Post
    Security and feminists concerns aside, how about some Muslim men? The uncovered woman is sometimes viewed as less than chaste, to put it mildly, and used as justifications of assaults on women not wearing burqas. An Arab female not wearing the expected Burqa may become in more danger than even a western woman.
    Not likely .....

    Look at France and Germany.

    Equally opportunity rapists comes to mind.

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    I'm a little surprised the Eurounion hasn't come up with some kind of EBT card for refugees to pay for prostitutes, so as to curb assaults on women.
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    Quote Originally Posted by John T Ford View Post
    Not likely .....

    Look at France and Germany.

    Equally opportunity rapists comes to mind.

    You live in Texas. Literally the rape capital of North America.

    You know anyone who played varsity football in Texas? Yeah. They’ve been forcibly sodomized. Hazing is the real deal in Texas.

    You know four girls who went to university in Texas? Well, three of them didn’t get through it unscathed.

    You know anyone who’s been to prison in Texas? They’ve been raped.

    But yeah ..... Scandinavia.
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Man View Post
    Dutch parliament approves limited ban on burqa, niqab

    Honestly... I agree with them. These niqabs creep me out, they simply do.

    I myself, I am from Caucasus. Abkhazia, my homeland, has plenty of Muslims, 15% or so of the ethnic Abkhaz population

    They all used to be, before the Russians and Georgians converted most of them to Orthodox Christianity over the centuries.

    I never seen a Muslim woman in Abkhazia wear that black shit.

    Nor in Moscow, where I lived in a Southern neighborhood, where lots of other folks from Caucasus and Central Asia tend to also make home, and girls in hijabs are not unusual

    But again, no burqas.

    As I said here, these burqas are associated with terrorists in Russia, because that's only ones who ever wore them there, wahhabi extremists

    I can understand why many in Europe see it that way too.

    It is NOT a normal type of clothing...
    I don't think people quite understand the Dutch. The more rural areas of course are pushing for this, but the Dutch employ the beehive mentality. This kind of law is a guideline not a rule. In the more industrialized areas like eindhoven it will have no effect. The Netherlands having exposed their culture and Visa versa, due to the Rotterdam port, is a vibrant, industrious, multi cultural place to live and work.

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