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Thread: Vaping vs smoking

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    Dec 2014

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    Quote Originally Posted by StanStill View Post
    Agreed. The whole second hand smoke mythology was mostly a way for people—angry that they couldn't force other people to be healthier—to convince themselves that even the smell of smoke was making them sick too. This way they aren't being bossy, they were defending themselves. I've even heard several people convinced that second hand smoke is more dangerous than first hand smoke, and they were serious. It boggles the mind that people could convince themselves of such horseshit.

    That said, I am happy with the results. No more smoking in bars and restaurants, and anywhere else the public is served indoors. I guess the ends justify the means.
    I seem to remember the whole 'second hand smoke' thing became hyped after a non-smoking barmaid won an insurance case after developing cancer.

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    Jun 2016

    Quote Originally Posted by YodaOne View Post
    I feel that a person have the right to smoke and should not be discriminated against. I'm a very sensitive to smoke, bees, pollen, on ..On..On in fact I carry an EpiPen with me 24/7. It's aggravating when a self righteous individuals make snide remarks or looks, when a smoker in a designated space specifically designed for that function or outdoors. I'm​ also bothered by a smoker right in front of an entrance blowing smoke. It all comes down to respect for others and being a decent human being. I do appreciate non smoking restaurants, clubs, entertainment places because of my physical sensitivity.
    For the people who use electronic cigarettes, vamping whatever you want to call it is fine as long you do not believe you have the right to infringe on non smokers rights.
    Laughter is good for the Soul.

    You're not originally from Florida, are you?

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