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Thread: Foot Insurance - A kick in the teeth

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    Quote Originally Posted by StanStill View Post
    Not sure what that has to do with anything. Health insurance didn't come around until about 75 years later. Dentists were well established by that point.
    Possibly... I was unable to find any conclusive reason for the origins of the segregation between dental maintenance and medical health from the perspective of insurers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by libertariat720 View Post
    Routine cleanings would probably be considered elective. Fixing cavities, root canals, etc.. should not be elective.
    Yup. I can't figure out the logic but no dental insurance I know of will pay for cleaning, but will pay for endless cavity fillings. Just like no drug insurance plan I know of will pay for quit smoking aids but will pay for very expensive COPD, heart and cancer drugs.

    Dumb IMO but they must have the actuary data to show it pays out in the end.

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