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Thread: Single-payer health care means you might be denied surgery for being too fat

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    Sep 2014

    Quote Originally Posted by pragmatic View Post
    Same experience i have had with Medicare. All good. Often times Medicare formulas didn't cover the total expenses so secondary/supplemental insurance had to kick in. But neither of my parents were ever denied anything that i recall.
    She had a few bills, a couple of hundred here and there. The biggest one was the last ambulance ride where with advanced life support. She was intubated in the ambulance and they had to start her heart again. If she would have survived and her kidneys bounced back a little and she stabilized, they would have put in a shunt for her dialysis at 85 years old. Long term survival on dialysis at 85 does not have good outcomes and I predicted she would have lasted a month given her condition but Medicare approved it anyway. I don't like the word "rationing" because that is not what it is. Medical necessity is a better term. Back in the day, before managed care, doctors basically did what they wanted and performed surgeries because they are money makers. In the 70's or 80's, a woman could basically request a hysterectomy, a C-section for convenience, ordering every test under the sun, etc. It was becoming a run away train to keep costs down.
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    Quote Originally Posted by carpe diem View Post
    Lies. No one can be denied care, in fact that is one argument you idiots use to support UHC because of this directive and the costs it creates.
    People are denied care based on their prognosis and physical condition all the time. There are only so many livers to go around. And reconstructive surgery is only provided to people whose BMI is within a certain range.
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    I wonder if objective evaluation is of any utility to the habitual detractors of UHC?

    The NHS has been judged the best, safest and most affordable healthcare system out of 11 countries analysed and ranked by experts from the influential Commonwealth Fund* health thinktank.

    It is the second time in a row that the study, which is undertaken every three years, has found the UK to have the highest-rated health system.

    The NHS has held on to the top spot despite the longest budget squeeze in its 69-year history, serious understaffing and the disruption caused by a radical restructuring of the service in England in 2013.

    Its ranking is even more notable because the thinktank found the UK to put the fourth smallest amount of GDP into healthcare among the 11 countries. While the US spends 16.6% of its national income on health, the UK comes near the bottom, investing just 9.9%. Only New Zealand (9.4%), Norway (9.3%) and Australia (9%) put in less.

    The UK emerged with the best healthcare system overall, just ahead of Australia, with the Netherlands a little further behind. A group of experts assessed them against 11 criteria designed to measure the effectiveness of different health systems.

    *The Commonwealth Fund is a private U.S. foundation whose stated purpose is to "promote a high performing health care system that achieves better access, improved quality, and greater efficiency".
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