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Thread: Cardio vs Resistance

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    Cardio vs Resistance

    Tip: The Workout Cure for Dad Bod
    To fight that fat gut, what's better? More weight training or more cardio? Let's see what science says.
    by Chris Shugart

    Middle Age & Belly Fat
    As men age, they tend to develop a gut. It even happens to men who are dedicated runners or those who at least do their daily cardio. A bellyful of studies prove this trend, but all you really have to do is look around at most guys over the age of 35 the paunchy guts are everywhere.

    Many have accepted this. It's often called "dad bod" and has been attributed to beer and bad diets, as well as the "natural" loss of muscle and subsequent puny metabolism as we get older. Science even has a term for it: age-associated waist circumference increase.

    Does It Have to Be That Way?
    Hell no. Researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health looked into it with a 12-year study on 51,000 male health professionals from dentists to podiatrists. The study was extensive, but the main thing being investigated was the effects of weight training vs. cardio (defined as moderate to vigorous aerobic activity).

    The research team did a good job here. They didn't rely on BMI because they knew that lifters and athletes get screwed by it. They also didn't rely solely on body weight, because losing weight on the scale doesn't mean crap if you're also losing muscle. So they focused mainly on waist measurements, which are difficult to misread.

    What they found was a significant inverse dose-response relationship between weight training and waist circumference change. In English, that means that the guys who lifted weights generally didn't grow a big gut. The cardio guys did better than the TV-watchers (the control group), but not nearly as good as the lifters.

    Every time we discuss someone trying to "get in better shape" they inevitably share a cardio based plan that drives me bananas because the science is settled on how to lose fat, and while the best option includes cardio, it is invariably BASED on strength training. Think of cardio as a tool to strengthen your heart, so it's healthy enough to power your resistance training.
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    Do both.
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    Some of us like a big gut.

    We like to keep that Cadillac in the garage.

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