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Thread: Misadventures in Fact Checking

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    Oct 2014

    Quote Originally Posted by Puzzling Evidence View Post
    Oh, I see, because it had "layers."


    You do realize that Adobe released a statement saying that the layers were normal? Several problemes with the "Long form birther" crowd.

    #1 none of us ever looked at the actual BC, only a copy of a picture that was converted and scanned and then put into PDF form.

    Most birthers are too stupid to understand that, though.
    Exactly, and we are told that they took the document, scanned it and put the scanned pdf on the website.

    It's not the fact that the document HAD layers, but HOW the layers were split and the contents of the various layers. It would require actually looking at the document, if it's still on the whitehouse page.

    You are right, when OCR software is applied to a document it will create different layers, but, not to create the document that was posted. That would require human influence... And not even good. I mean, bad to the point that they should have flattened it, and at least that would have concealed what was manipulated.

    Seriously, I'm not even disputing any of the data, pretend nothing was factually changed, but the document was just modified to create the effect that it was altered, why would you put out a document that would clearly be called into question by anyone with 5 min and an Internet connection?

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