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Thread: David Brooks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amelia View Post
    You say I'm making your point, but you're making my point.

    Rule of thumb on PBS, NPR, WPR:

    Leftleaning commentators come from the mainstream -- you just labeled them as part of the mainstream bubble. If they scoff at the left, it's the far left. Serious socialists don't make up much of the left, far, near or otherwise.
    Well that's simply not true. That's precisely what a leftist is, for the most part. Democrats aren't considered leftists anywhere except maybe on Breibart and Rush Limbaugh. People on the right are allowed a lot more leeway in the mainstream mostly because they just don't criticize capitalism or the legitimacy of US dominance of the Earth. They accept it as natural and justified, therefore they can blather away.

    They're not the mainstream.
    Well that I agree with, because they aren't allowed into the mainstream. Not on PBS or CBS, or CNN or anywhere. They all have corporate underwriters with a lot of power to make life quite difficult for the people with the power to hire and fire commentators. For the most part, those people don't need to be told not to hire someone who advocates for democratic control of the economy. They are well trained enough to predict the angry phone call from the CEO of Exxon or Pratt & Whitney or Senator Whasthisface, so they just don't hire anyone who might do that. What you are calling the mainstream is really just a codeword for "what is allowed on TV". Its kind of a circular definition.

    Meanwhile, rightleaning commentators do not come from the mainstream, and they are expected to scoff at the mainstream.
    On NPR, PBS and WPR (Wisconsin Public Radio?)? Please name a rightleaning commentator who is on any of those networks who is not from the mainstream. Even Fox is the mainstream, by definition. It has more viewers than any other news network. What could be more mainstream than that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by StanStill View Post
    Well that's simply not true. That's precisely what a leftist is, for the most part.


    I'll read the rest of your post, but probably not comment further, since you and I seem to be at an impasse here. I could hardly disagree with you more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Macduff View Post
    I object to the term "only". It's been my experience that not having a college degree is not an indicator of intelligence or achievement. I know plenty of well read and informed people without college degrees. I know of several families where the wealthiest member doesn't have a college degree.
    I don't disagree with you. I don't think he was implying that his lunch companion was unintelligent or an underachiever. I'd say the fact that Brooks was having lunch with her suggests she is neither. And his point was to about the division of Americans into a new class system, based on criteria other than finances. Education is one of those distinctions. You think the point is invalid? You think the way she fits into these class distinctions he's making had nothing to do with her skittishness about lunch?

    Some of us have more adventurous palates and enjoy new dining experiences. I thought the idea that she was challenged by the names for sandwiches was far fetched. As if there aren't thousands of restaurants across the country that do their own branding for the names of dishes. Is this woman scared and confused when she goes to a Red Robin? "OMG! What's a Banzai Burger?"
    And this was a deli. That's a common enough experience for Americans. Subway sold a sandwich with some of those very meats on it. I joked about the boiled sheep's head and insects, but it's all conditioning. If we were raised to eat those things then it wouldn't be a big deal. Just like foreigners think things like corn dogs or pop tarts are gross. But for Americans, a deli is a pretty quintessential experience.
    Not everywhere is the deli well-known. The middle of the country outside of cities? Chain sandwich shops and supermarkets hog a ton of that market. It's the artful way they were listed on the menu that threw the lunch companion for a loop.

    So you're saying you DON'T think his point is valid and that this friend's reaction to his posh deli was the result of some other aspect of her personality or circumstances?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Macduff View Post

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