if you're old enough to know where this sign off comes from you might have guessed the topic of this thread. If not, it's the way that the great late journalistic icon, Walter Cronkite, signed off. I thought it would be nice to have a thread about broadcast classics.

At the top of my list is this broadcast. The ultimate "fake news" broadcast. But first, here's a little background

The following hours were a nightmare. The building was suddenly full of people and dark-blue uniforms. Hustled out of the studio, we were locked into a small back office on another floor. Here we sat incommunicado while network employees were busily collecting, destroying, or locking up all scripts and records of the broadcast. Finally, the Press was let loose upon us, ravening for horror. How many deaths had we heard of? (Implying they knew of thousands.) What did we know of the fatal stampede in a Jersey hall? (Implying it was one of many.) What traffic deaths? (The ditches must be choked with corpses.) The suicides? (Haven't you heard about the one on Riverside Drive?) It is all quite vague in my memory and quite terrible.

No, this isn't from the broadcast script. Listeners at home actually thought that the Earth was being invaded by visitors from another planet.

Here's the broadcast in it's entirety if you'd care to listen.
It's about an hour long.