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Thread: who here is sick of the press in America?

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    Quote Originally Posted by the watchman View Post
    we've all heard of the latest as reported by the press themselves. They were told to remain behind because VP Pence might leave early from a scheduled sports event. Now, if this had been some random sports event where there wasn't any political controversy, maybe the press could have been excused for just going along. But, because of their own reporting, we know that they knew full well that wasn't the case. They knew, as any professional journalist would, that this was a game involving a team that had taken a knee in the past, against the expressed objections of the current administration. They knew what they were being asked to do. Yet, they willingly went along with it.


    Why don't we have any journalist in this country willing to stand their ground with this administration? Willing , at a moment like that, to say "no" to this administration. To ask..."why are we being told not to cover this event", on camera?

    As long as Trump keeps talking about how so much of the free press is the enemy of the American people and calls for things like checking into NBC's license.....I would say the press IS standing up to the WH and this President and for what should be obvious reasons.......he does not like it and orders his lackeys to reflect the same.......

    While I understand your point, I do not see this as the press becoming submissive to the President and the WH and the press was not "left behind" to the point none of us knew about the incident with Pence. Perhaps they didn't see chasing down Pence and this story as important as some other things? Who knows, but I would not call it the beginning of submissiveness to this President and his WH.

    In some ways too, it can work to give people enough rope to hang themselves.

    Stories are emerging today about what is perhaps on many people's minds, regarding the fires and death toll in the California fires and where the President is with his usual barrage of Tweets.......
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