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Here's an idea whose time has definitely come. A website that will rate the trustworthiness of news sources. I know that there are others out there now that claim that but their methodologies are often questioned. This article explains how this site is supposed to be better.

A great idea. I hope it takes off.

But we all know that the deluded will still only accept the officially sanctioned KoolAid.

Rest of the article at: https://www.axios.com/scoop-steve-br...mpaign=organic
That would be good if there were some verifiable and published system through which one can measure the trustworthiness of sources.

More likely this will be political in its determinations... much like snipes, if CNN says something is true, snores will say it's true, then later CNN will look at snores for confirmation.

What if a source is factually accurate but the interpretation of those facts is under fire?