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Thread: Fighting Fake News Is Not the Solution

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    Babba might want to use the search engine of her choice and check out the popularity of the tax cut bill. As for Obamacare, the numbers seem to follow the intent of the law. The number getting subsidized exceeds the number getting screwed. Eventually, those with subsidized programs will realize they're getting screwed, too.

    So, file this Dartmouth study under fake news.

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    Quote Originally Posted by boontito View Post
    I didn't say they were. There's been no fiscally responsible candidate from any party in recent elections. But there have been candidates from both who campaign as being fiscally responsible and that's what voters evaluate them on.
    I'd even ask what "fiscally conservative" means when people identify that way. Does it mean they believe in balanced budgets? Low taxes? Less in social services? Less in "foreign aid?" Less in support of science research? Lesson support of education? It doesn't ever appear to mean we should spend less on the military. I'm not sure the term "fiscally conservative" has any specific meaning anymore, but it sure sounds good when you say it to a pollster.

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