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Thread: Why 'The Daily Wire' Will No Longer Publish Names Or Pictures Of Mass Shooters

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    Apr 2010

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    Quote Originally Posted by Friday13 View Post
    That's what I was asking @Macduff. Did these mass murderers believe they were "good guys" righting some wrong to them? How does one rationalize someone brutally murdering any "innocent"?
    Normal people don't commit murder for many reasons. The main one being that we have empathy for other people. A sociopath is lacking in empathy, by definition. So they don't care. Killing gets them something they want. Which in this case is recognition. That someone else is hurt doesn't factor into their decision.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Idiocracat View Post
    A biased right wing website?
    Any more idiotic sources?

    So because they are biased one way or another means that they are wrong about this?

    I'm sure you see the stupidity in that. Or at least I hope you do.

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