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Thread: How biased is your news source?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bmanmcfly View Post
    You are far too nice...

    This chart is absurd, the only things in relatively appropriate positions are Reuters, AP, AND AFP.

    Placing the MSM sources as central reporters of fact... That's laughable. Maybe 20 years ago, but they had their slants further left / right.

    Also, how do they equate bias and accuracy? You can report facts and not remain objective about them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Blueneck View Post
    They are pathetic!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bmanmcfly View Post
    I say something, you ask for a source, I give one or more, then your next statement is 9 out of 10 times a variation on "I won't read that source because" and then some excuse. Why is that?

    You say it's not rocket science, you would think so with how hard it is to get a straight answer from you.

    But I'll give you some rocket science. The people you trust most are lying to you most consistently and being constantly caught in those lies, yet those are the sources you trust most.
    Why is this graph so skewed?

    Read it again with this in mind - Libs love reading what they want to hear. They absolutely hate reading or hearing what they do not want to hear, in fact in some cases when they hear things they hate...they publish complete lies (Dan Rather - Michael Isikoff/John Barry) and in some instances they shoot republicans practicing softball
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