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Thread: Political Hotwire Rules and Guidelines [as of May 11/13]

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    Exclamation Political Hotwire Rules and Guidelines [as of May 11/13]

    Below are the basic rules and guidelines of Political Hotwire as well as a brief explanation of what the reprecussions for violating the rules can include. Ignorance of these rules is not an appropriate excuse for violating them. These rules are open to interpretation by the moderators and staff, but will be consistently followed. Members are encouraged to report posts that violate the site rules. Responding to rule violations with more rule violations will also be subject to these rules. If you can't be civil with someone you should place them on ignore.

    Political Hotwire Rules and Guidelines

    1. Do not use personal insults.
      Attack the post and not the poster - debate the topic, not the poster. It is at the discretion of the moderation team to determine what constitutes a personal insult.
    2. Do not flame bait.
      Do not post content with the intended purpose of inciting a response which would violate the rules of this website.
    3. Do not advertise or spam the site with promotional links or product placement.
      A link to your personal page or blog is permitted in your profile but not commercial links. Should you have questions about what is permitted please private message a moderator or council member to clarify.
    4. Do not bring conflicts from other websites.
      Discussing previous encounters on websites other than Political Hotwire. This includes using information gathered from other websites or using former usernames from other websites.
    5. Do not harass another member.
      Repeated private messages after being asked to stop may result in private message privileges being revoked. Unsolicited communication through phone, email, social media, mail or personal contact will not be tolerated. Absolutely do not try to hack another member. We strongly recommend that members not give out their personal information to other members and/or to practice proper safety when it comes to online interactions.
    6. Do not violate the privacy of another member.
      This includes posting private or instant messages on the public forum, pictures sent in private or other information that was gathered in private.
    7. Never alter a member's comments when you quote them.
      Removing news articles, pictures, videos or word content is allowed but do not change the intended meaning of the post. Also, do not change the name attributed to the post.
    8. Do not quote a member in a signature or avatar without permission from the person being quoted.
      Signatures and avatars are meant to be a place for members to express themselves, not to perpetuate a conflict or to attack another poster. Abuse of these features may lead to the privilege being revoked for a certain length of time.
    9. Do not post material which violates the law.
      An example are copyright infringements. Also, any threats of harm to either a member or an elected official will be dealt with accordingly, which depending on the severity will result in a permanent site ban.
      Copyright laws give ownership of any writing to the writer, who is allowed control over how a piece of writing is used. 'Fair Use' exceptions to copyright allow others to use a small portion of an article or other text in order to criticize, satirize, or otherwise comment on it. For users, that means we may include a short cutting from an article (one to a few paragraphs, depending on the length of the original text) but we may not reproduce an entire article or other text in a post. Please quote only enough of an article to make your point, and provide a link to the whole original. Quotations that violate this policy will be shorted or removed.
    10. Do not publicly question or complain about actions taken by the moderation staff.
      If you have questions or concerns you are encouraged to contact a member of staff. If you have a complaint please file a member grievance.
    11. Do not post any bigoted propaganda, hate rhetoric or racial epithets.
      This being a political discussion site, some controversial topics will be given a wider latitude. Discriminatory comments aimed at a group or member based on race, nationality, gender/sex, sexual orientation, religion or disability will not be tolerated. We may also moderate hate propaganda calling for violence against a group. It is at the discretion of the moderation staff to determine what violates this rule.
    12. Do not create multiple accounts.
      If you have a person who will be using your computer and connection who wishes to join the site, please contact a moderator or council member. If you are caught having multiple accounts, depending on the situation the accounts will either be merged or you will risk being banned from Political Hotwire.
    13. Do not post content which shouldn't be viewed by minors.
      This includes but is not limited to pornography, gruesome images, or overtly sexual imagery. The moderation staff retains the right to determine what is and is not appropriate for Political Hotwire.
    14. All content must be in English.
      Political Hotwire is a website which is intended to be used and enjoyed by an international membership, however, we currently require that all content posted must be in English. If you link or quote an article which is in an alternate language we request that you provide an English translation. This is necessary so that the membership is able to understand and participate, and also so that the moderation staff is able to ensure it is within the rules of the website.
    15. Do not flood the site.
      Flooding is defined as, "Any action apparently intended to consume board space or to hamper other member postings, including the posting of essentially identical threads into different forums or identical replies into different threads."
    16. When starting a thread you must present a serious topic for debate.
      Threads must be created with a point to be debated and can't be made solely for the purpose of flame baiting or directing traffic to an existing thread. The only exceptions would be in threads located in the lounge or associated areas.

    How these rules will be enforced

    Specific reported posts will be discussed by the moderation staff, at which point they will decide between no action required, a private informal warning, formal warning or an infraction. The action is decided based on severity of the rule violation and the member’s history.

    General Warnings: For threads that contain borderline violations a public warning will be issued. This is also the first step that will typically be taken when a thread is beginning to derail with off-topic, minor violations.

    Thread Bans: Members who try to derail a thread by insulting others, baiting or otherwise violating the site rules can be banned from that thread. A thread ban may or may not be accompanied with infractions or warnings. Thread banned members must not be replied to.

    Infractions and Warnings: Rule violations will likely result in either a warning or an infraction unless a thread ban is deemed the sole, appropriate action.

    Site Bans: A certain amount of infractions in a short time frame result in an automatic 1 day ban from the website. Temporary and permanent bans will occur based on severity of rule violations and/or accumulation of repeated infractions.

    Revocation of Specific Privileges: Abuse of certain features, (ex. avatars and signatures) may result in revocation of your ability to use them for a period of time.

    How to protest a moderation action

    Anytime you disagree with an action taken by the moderation team you are encouraged to fill out a Member Grievances form. The situation will then be investigated by the council members and administrator. If senior staff find that there was an error or other difficulty with the action taken, we will reverse that action and take steps to prevent similar situations from happening in the future. You can also file a grievance if you disagree with a site policy or how the website is being operated.

    If you have a complaint about a council member you should contact Seraphima.

    Any changes made to these rules will be accompanied with an announcement and they will be highlighted in blue for a period of time.
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