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Thread: Bill Clinton

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    Bill Clinton

    Bill Clinton

    Hello, my name is Bill Clinton. I am new to this politics forum. No doubt you have already heard about me because I am a famous person. I was president of the USA. I will really enjoy talking with you guys, but please don't treat me any different than any one else because of who I am. I hope I will be accepted on this forum as there are a lot of differing opinions concerning my presidency.

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    mysister has a blue dress

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    Nice to meet you

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    Hey Bill, I have a question for ya.....

    Why are you in Harlem ruining people's lives? That's kinda racist, don'tcha think??? :?

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    David Duke
    What do you think are the different opinions of your presidency?

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    I think this is one more suited for the "New Members and Introductions" forum.(If you really want to be treated just like everybody else here.)

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    Welcome to the board.

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    Bill, I'm looking forward to Hillary wll be great comedic relief! :lol:

    What will you do if Hillary wins? :shock:

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