View Poll Results: Will top Pentagon officials still resign as promised if Trump won the presidency?

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Thread: Will top Pentagon officials still resign as stated now that Trump's president?

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    Quote Originally Posted by EnigmaO01 View Post
    Some top pentagon officials stated they would resign if Trump won the election. Do you think they still will?
    Mebbe' they should.

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    Mar 2013

    Quote Originally Posted by Rorschach View Post
    I disagree.

    That is the LEAST they can do.
    The least they can do, but IMO the most they will do.

    Yes, it would be nice if they stuck by their statements. But likely they will feel they can be of better service by remaining than by making a public spectacle of resigning.

    Of course, it is all speculation. We will find out soon enough. Or not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr Sampson Simpson View Post
    i think it will depend on Trumps actions and his plans. I doubt any of the stupid shit he said are in those plans

    I think here is where Trump pulls the swticheroo and backs off all the stupid shit he said
    Presidents rarely keep campaign promises. Some they do but most is just simply rhetoric to get elected. Teddy Roosevelt campaigned by train and he would say different things to people in his different stops depending on the people he was addressing. Sometimes exact opposite things.

    So we need to judge Trump by what he does, not what he promised to do. We should know within the first six months if he is going to get the job done or if we need to vote for someone else in 2020.

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