Of course not. Trump wouldn't have won without the white working class vote in the Midwest. While racial and misogynistic sentiment can be found there, it can be found anywhere. I would wager that most voted for Trump because they genuinely believed he had their interests at heart, but Trump is a capitalist of the worst kind, and a megalomaniac on top of that. He doesn't care about the working class anymore than he cares about competency in foreign affairs.

The candidate of the working class was Bernie Sanders, but he was cast aside by a Democratic Party still obsessed with the trappings of Third Way neoliberalism. 2020 is a great chance for the Democrats, if they correct their course.

As Eugene V. Debs said long ago, "The man who seeks to arouse prejudice among workingmen is not their friend. He who advises the white wage-worker to look down upon the black wage-worker is the enemy of both."