View Poll Results: Do you think D. Trump is now sorry he entered the 2016 Presidential race?

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  • Yes...he wishes he hadn't.

    3 30.00%
  • No. He's a happy man with the power

    3 30.00%
  • ?????

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Thread: Do you think D. Trump is now sorry he entered the 2016 Presidential race?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Madeline View Post
    The money is the only score he knows. Ironically, I think it will be his bribe receiving and other personal enrichment crimes that will ultimately snuff out his presidency.
    the strongest case against him is obstruction of justice ( at least for now). Very rare that the FBI has someone doing a news interview and confessing for all the world to see. That was before a grand jury was impaneled , news that Mueller is working with New York prosecutors, Don ( I love it) Jr. lying, VP Pence and multiple WH staff signing on with that lie - and, even now, the IRS crimes investigative unit is involved. It all a bit like baking a souffle that everyone knows is going to rise. And Mueller is Chef Ramsay.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Reality View Post
    No, he's helping to draw out the radical left and further polarize them from the mainstream, so he should be proud.
    The radical left has never been part of the mainstream.

    Trump got his ass reamed for trying to make the radical right mainstream. He got the kids say.
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