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Thread: As with others, when will the following catch up with Trump?

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    As with others, when will the following catch up with Trump?

    Transcript and audio:

    "The women who have accused Donald Trump"

    "Donald Trump said during the second presidential debate that his bragging about kissing and touching women without their consent — caught on a hot mic in an explosive 2005 video — was “locker-room talk” and that he never actually groped anyone."

    “No, I have not,” Trump told Anderson Cooper, the debate’s co-moderator."

    "Since then, 13 women have come forward alleging they were inappropriately touched by the Republican nominee in separate incidents dating back to the early 1970s. Three other women have had their past claims resurfaced in light of Trump’s alleged transgressions."

    Trump campaign subpoenaed over sexual assault allegations
    Updated 8:12 PM ET, Mon October 16, 2017
    Trump campaign subpoenaed over sexual assault allegations - CNNPolitics

    A defamation lawsuit filed by a former 'Apprentice' contestant could force Trump to testify and risk perjury—but right now it's stalled in state court.

    "After the swift fall of Harvey Weinstein, Trump accusers wonder: Why not him?"
    After the swift fall of Harvey Weinstein, Trump accusers wonder: Why not him? - Chicago Tribune

    Most believe Harvey Weinstein accusations but doubt those levied at Donald Trump, new poll finds

    Trump appears to be facing a number of allegations that in some cases, by his own words, align, words he now calls fake (denies having truth) while also calling people that reported them to the world, fake (apparently anything that does not flatter "the Godfather" Trump, is "fake", but his own contradictions and lies.).

    Will Don Trump continue to be the teflon don or will he face the music like so many others have?

    Your thoughts on how long before things REALLY begin to catch up with Donald Trump, to the point they are more than just subject of debate, but hold real consequences?

    Can anyone imagine Harvey Weinstein caught on audio tape and admitting to adultery, then claiming all the allegations against him to be fake? Why no "boys will be boys" or it's just "locker room talk", for Weinstein and others?

    In Trump's case, which is fake about his audio tape. His grabbing women's pussies or his denial that his claims of doing so, aren't true? Either way, Trump is NOT telling the truth and under oath, he's going to have to face whether he was lying to Billy Bush or whether he is lying when he says he hasn't really grabbed any women's pussies without their consent.

    Why does there appear to be so much denial about Trump, (this is not the only thing) by the same people who are quick to hold others accountable for a fraction of the things they give Trump a free pass on.
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    The White House lied for him yesterday, all on speculation, no trials, no jury.
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