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Haha yeah I noticed that. So dumb
Actually, many especially older folks in Russia LIKE the all-red OAR hockey uniforms

Reminds them of the glorious Soviet teams of their youth

I have seen some online comments that "this is how a Russian team SHOULD always look" lmao

And as for the Tricolour, they don't need to raise it themselves, thousands of fans are there to do that for them

Even Koreans are cheering for Russia in hockey


Doesn't hurt that they are kicking ass over there: Russia - US 4 - 0

They just beat Norway too, 6-1, to go to semi-finals: Ice Hockey: Russians dump Norway 6-1 en route to semis

One of those goals was by aforementioned Mr. Voynov, the wife beater... I am not sure how to feel about that...

And the US is out, btw, eliminated 3-2 by the Czechs: Czechs eliminate US in shootout in Olympic quarterfinals

Those guys are never to be underestimated...