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Thread: Who co you believe has more credibility......Trump or Comey?

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    Who co you believe has more credibility......Trump or Comey?

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    You could have just used “Trump” or “anybody else in the world”
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    Comey has been called to the carpet from both sides of the aisle and was praised by Trump (for giving Trump an apparent advantage, immediately before the election). Comey's investigation of Clinton was long used by Trump and republican's alike, to suggest an investigation in of itself, was an indicator of guilt and conviction of a crime.

    Comey became a Trump/republican pariah, when he came out and spoke about the investigation presenting a lack of evidence to go ahead and prosecute because there was no intent to commit a crime.
    While that conclusion did not necessarily make Clinton and supporters jump for joy or claim some sort of "victory", it showed, yet again (same as all the other attempts to bring down Clinton (Benghazi being one) the "witch hunt" for the Clinton's, at least in this regard, found no witch and in contrast to what Trump/republicans want to portrayed investigations into them, as "witch hunts", was allowed to proceed, without firings and without more than a few people being indicted. Comey was then "redeemed" in the eyes of Trump/republicans, when he reopened the investigation because of Anthony Wiener, just days before the election..........Then, when he said that reopening of the investigation would not change his original statement, he became a pariah again.

    It was like watching a trapeze artist swing from one side to the other with regard to support or non-support for Comey's actions.

    When the Trump camp realized that the FBI is not a political arm, but an investigative bureau and that they don't just investigate Democrats or Democratic candidates fro President, but investigate potential crimes, regardless of the political party affiliation of those being investigated, an investigation into Mr. Trump, became, a "witch hunt" and instead of letting the investigation play out and be found to be a nothing burger, Trump has tried to derail any investigation in anyway he can. Not only does he publicly refer to it with terms that suggest it is "fake" or a "witch hunt", he called the person he praised for reopening the investigation on his opponent, an "untruthful slimeball"......and fired him. In contrast, no such efforts were visibly made to remove Comey from his investigation into Clinton, when a Democratic cabinet remained in the White House. No constant presentations of claimed innocence and deriding the investigation and Comey were made by the Clinton camp, even if they did make claims Like Trump, that the investigation would conclude that nothing criminal had occurred. Trump in the meantime, was not only leading a "lock her up" charge, but relentlessly attacking Clinton for allegations about her that were no worse than allegations about him and in some cases, less serious.

    Records of how all parties in the last 4 years have behaved are available for anyone to research. Comey's life record is there for people to research as is what is publicly known about Trump's life record.

    Both Trump and Comey are on audio/video tape record, not only discussing investigations, but many other things.

    Based on what comes from Trump's own mouth and his Tweets and what life history there is available to the public (Clinton's released years of tax returns, none so far from Trump and his promise to do so), I find very little reason to trust Trump as an honest and truthful person.

    On a more subjective and personal note (one others have agreed with me on) I find at times he speaks like a child caught with their hand in the cookie jar.....hoping to fast talk themselves out of what's obvious to those who caught them.

    I also find it quite amusing, but sad or pathetic in a way that Trump brags about how he only picks the "best people", his daughter backs him up on that and praise is heaped on all his picks, then he's firing them or causing them to resign and suggesting things like they "lost" their "mind".

    I would also suggest that Trump is between a rock and a hard place when it comes to Michael Cohen and the Stormy Daniels payoff and he may have already admitted that he was attached to the deal. It's no secret that he (and his "negotiator" Rudi Giuliani) are adulterers. If people want to cheat on their spouses, that is their business, but it presents some evidence to their character. The Stormy Daniels serves as a sort of tip of the iceberg, just as other cases Trump has been involved in, as to secrecy and payoffs to cover up things, be they corruptions that are unethical or immoral or perhaps even illegal.

    It's quite amazing to me to believe some people like(d) Trump because he "tells it like it is", yet the same people seem to have problems when anyone tell is like it is, regarding Trump, as if they amazingly cannot see for themselves, the contradictions, the temper, the total disregard for well known and/or verifiable facts.

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    In my mind
    Remember the Jon Lovitz character on SNL, Tommy Flanagan the pathological liar?

    I think he would have more credibility than Donald Trump.

    To my knowledge, Comey has not lied about anything connected to his tenure as FBI head.

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