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Thread: Are YOU and you family doing better under Trump?

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    Sep 2012

    Quote Originally Posted by KnotaFrayed View Post
    I don't truly believe that Presidents are solely responsible for economies, but I do believe their policies have an effect, especially when it comes to regulation. The entire time the economy was recovering and handed in very good shape (from what it was doing when this president's predecessor handed the keys to the White House to him), Trump and many neo republicans were suggesting that not only was the recovery too slow and sluggish, but tried to insinuate the "Great Recession" was the fault of Obama, if not Democrats and pointed toward regulation as drowning business. At the same time they were saying this, corporate profits were breaking records and the economy had turned around and was great and getting better, before Trump took office. If regulation was "drowning" business, then how was the recovery possible? One might ask the same of tariffs or just about anything Trump has wanted to change and tear apart, even as it was shown the economy could not just recover, but get back into good shape, without Trump changing anything.

    Even if one does not believe Presidents are personally responsible for the economy, no doubt they get blamed when it fails and even when it is recovering and they take credit for when it does well. Some take more credit than others, in spite of facts and figures that suggest otherwise.

    The same old pumping up of the economy, the deregulation, the removal of consumer and other protections is going on and we've seen this scenario play out before, each time a neo republican gets in office and promises the same old things, tax cuts, more defense spending and deregulation. You can't pay for more defense spending, with tax cuts. You can't stop white collar crooks, by removing all the laws that get in the way of their crimes. So what do they do, but borrow all kinds of money to do things like buy back their stock, making each share that remains in public hands, more valuable as a scheme to make their companies look like they are doing well, but without talking about how they are paying off the money they borrowed to buy the stock back. The last time regs were removed or not enforced, they bundled debt and used it as an item to trade. This helped inflate housing prices which then fueled inflated ROI's, sales that should not have taken place based on inability to payback loans and commissions on those sales and eventually a burst balloon, AFTER a take the money and run, while it lasts, musical chairs sort of "game" with our economy. For those who saw a chance to get rich quick, then get out, they weren't thinking about the overall effect on the national or world economy, they were thinking about how they could take as much advantage of the deregulation or lack of enforcement of regulation, to suck as much as they could, out of the economy, not knowing or knowing, but not caring, what it would do to the overall economy or in some cases, to wipe out all they reinvested somewhere, after cashing in on hot air.

    Seems in many instances we've been headed, yet again in the same direction , with some different sets of characters and situations, but the same old "get rich quick, get it while you can and screw the consequence to the overall economy, as long as I get mine, attitudes.

    GREED is going to kill this nation, if any thing does and it is going to be led by the greedy and supported by both the greedy and the ignorant. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING to me that so many "working class" people could be so duped into electing one of the most greedy persons in the world, to be their "champion", ignoring everything about him, that makes that so obvious to all who did not support him.

    On the other hand, perhaps Trump wants to see Democrats back in charge of the economy and he is doing everything in his power to motivate Democrats to turn the balance of power around in the midterm and next Presidential election.
    could not agree more, well said.

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    Mass and Florida
    Poll update:

    After all of candidate Trump's promises about a much better deal for us average citizens......the results so far show that the majority of us are either doing the same or worse.

    The super rich are the ones who have benefitted across the board!

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