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View Poll Results: Should there be a limit to how much society spends to extend a life?

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  • There should be no limit to the amount that society is obligated to pay to extend a life.

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  • There must be a limit to the amount paid by society to delay a person's inevitable demise.

    12 70.59%
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Thread: Should there be a limit on what society should pay to extend a life?

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    a person can state in their will that they are not to be kept alive by machines. Most of the cost comes by machines keeping people alive, but I do know a friend of mine that had valley fever at 59 years old and was on a machine that oxygenated her blood to keep her alive and she is totally well today. Her husbands health insurance paid the bill. If she stated in her will that she did not want to be kept alive by a machine she would be dead. Something to think about.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ian Jeffrey View Post
    Having an ulterior motive is being dishonest, as well as manipulative and disrespectful.
    An ulterior motive for what? Posing a question? The question stands on its own. Stop with the phony high-horse act, it's unbecoming of someone with your intellect.

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