Yahweh and Allah. Are they moral and ethical Gods?

Some say we cannot say or know, because it is all myth.

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I think they are wrong as men can judge actions.

I think we can at least know if Yahweh and Allah, and the religions they spawned, are good or evil.

Since God is a Man interpreting Godís words, believers all following a Man.

We invent our Gods and put them above us. But ultimately get all we know of God, and his morality from others around us. Priests and imams interpret and are the spokes in the religious communication network. Those priests and imams are teaching violence against their neighbor instead of love. I do not see that as ethical behavior for any moral religion.

From what you know of Yahweh and Allah, and the religions they have spawned, would you say that those two War loving Gods, as we also love it in their image, good Gods, or would you say they are something else?