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Thread: Who Wants A Significant Minority Or A Majority Of Fictional Ishmaelism Ideologues ?

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    Feb 2016

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rasselas View Post
    I can only speak for myself. I think my contributions to our forum speak for me rather well. I think the "liberal intolerance" you're talking about includes about 10% of liberals.
    That's a pretty powerful 10%

    A year into Trump’s peasant rebellion

    ...In the mainstream press, both in Europe and here, the peasant rebellions get poor reviews. They are painted largely as racist, reactionary and economically backward. Much of the tech oligarchy views Middle America (and its European counterparts) with open disdain. One Silicon Valley executive said “educated people” like themselves, great paragons of tolerance, would never move to rural areas that are “sh*thole filled with stupid people.”

    This kind of attitude flourishes in the political monoculture of Hollywood, the mainstream media, academia as well as Silicon Valley. It also explains precisely why Trump was elected, and why his mini-mes in Europe remain broadly ascendant. It’s hard to cast stones proclaiming fascism while you are busily, at universities and companies like Facebook, Twitter, and Google, working to strangle debate...

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    Jan 2011


    Avoiding Distractions Away From Objectives

    " Avoiding Distractions Away From Objectives *

    * Due You Think Sew *

    Quote Originally Posted by DebateDrone View Post
    Separation of Church and State...We almost got that bitch whipped.
    First , my belief is that you are being facetious .

    Second , why should it suffice as an excuse that predominance of fictional ishmaelism is okay as long as it does not encroach upon us public policy , even though those making such excuses do not see any harm in further facilitating such encroachment upon us public policy , by offering indiscriminate immigration to fictional ishmaelism adherents whose allegiance to its ideology is hostile to the constitution ?

    Third , the fictional ishmaelism clans are faced with a losing battle against those who read the qurayn objectively , recognize its depravities and shove them back into the deluded misgivings of those seeking to promote it as a social norm .

    Should global policy secure US first amendment forms in constitutions of allies ?

    Highly Valued Cultural Exchange Versus Highly Scrutinized Creed For Citizenship

    How Much Of Western Migration By I Slam Pundits Is Motivated By Conquest ?

    Should Sharia Courts Be Allowed At All ?

    Which Moderate Mussel Men Aspect Imply Moderation Inn High Degree Moderation ?

    Should the Qurayn be Classified as Hate Speech ?

    * Twitch Brown Shirt Communist Psychotic *

    Rapid Rise Of Domestic Terrorism - The Horrid Dream Of Murky Angel Is Coming True

    Angela Merkel Fantasizes About Living In Jordan And Being Raped

    Feminist Muslim 24 Hour Police Protection After Founding Liberal Mosque In Germany

    Turkish Woman Wearing Shorts Punched For Not Idol Worshipping The Shiny Anus

    * Turn Key Dip Shit Versus Complicit Orange Chicken *

    Terrorist Ear Dog Again Cancels Evolution In Turkey School Curriculum

    Turn Key Tay Yip Yap Ear Dog Again Terrorist Facilitator

    Ass Clown Erdogan Encourages Turks To Suck Off Superiority of Arab Idiocy

    * International Terrorist Union On The Loose *

    Saudi Government Funded Surah 9:111 Dry Run

    Should US Coalition Confiscate Or Block Transfer Of Salafi Assets ?

    US First Amendment Comes Out On Top Versus CAIR Terrorist Organization Propaganda

    Terrorist Organization CAIR Publishes Its Hit List

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    Quote Originally Posted by Monk-Eye View Post
    " Who Wants A Significant Minority Or A Majority Of Fictional Ishmaelism Ideologues ? "

    Pakistan police search for Christian man accused of blasphemy for insulting Islam with poem sent on WhatsApp - CBS News

    After reading past the term " However " below , let me know if you break out laughing .
    I'll take whichever one has Chocolate icing.

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    Mar 2013

    Vulcan, down the street from Darth Vader

    Thread closed. Threads based on discriminatory content are impermissible.

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