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Thread: Pope Francis is open to married men becoming priests

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    Dec 2014

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    Quote Originally Posted by Macduff View Post
    The whole priests not marrying thing caused a lot of problems for the church. There was a time when if a man hadn't married by a certain age and unless he was dating a lot of women, people gave him the side eye and assumed he was gay or something. And this was an era when you did not want people thinking you were gay. So if you have a guy who isn't interested in women. Or more to the point, he liked boys. What career path could he take that would not only give him an excuse not to be married, but would put him in contact with little boys? And as a bonus, he'd be in a position of trust where families wouldn't think twice about leaving their kids alone with him.

    In fact, Anglican ministers can and do marry, and there is at least as bad a problem in the Anglican church with molestation. Same with other denominations which have married ministers. But naturally the fake news MSM rarely highlights those problems.

    In the lay world many married men molest children.

    Thus it is a false belief therefore that this would have any impact on the small number of priest-molesters.

    Also, Anglican ministers who cross over to the Catholic Church, and are married, have become priests.
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    Aug 2012

    Priests married to WOMEN, or, fellow Priests?

    Speaking of the Ladies: About time for FEMALE Priests, isn't it?

    Not trying to be sexist or anything, but...I have always felt that the FEMALES of the species to be a bit more in tune with the spiritual. Especially, when it comes to family, and community.

    Mother Teresa: No Priest, but, should have been. (Just one, of many examples, I suppose....)

    Joan of Arc should have been a priest, but, got burned for being an uppity woman, who saved France (WHAT arrogance!)

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    May 2016

    As long as those with a different life style aren't discriminated against when the Vatican is hiring.

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    Jul 2011

    Nothiny wrong with that.

    In Russian Orthodox Church priests do marry and are encouraged to have many kids too

    They are to set an example to their parishioners, as far as the breeding and multiplying goes

    ROC, of course, is much more conservative and reactionary than the Catholic Church, especialy Pope Francis' Catholic Church.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RNG View Post
    This is a really big deal IMO. It makes all kinds of sense to me but is so against established Catholic dogma. Just wow.

    So, what are the odds of it being done?

    And will women priests be next?
    As I understand it, a widow or separated man may be ordained to priesthood. What is forbidden is getting married while being a priest. In this case, the priest forfeits his income. In any case, no one is stopping a married priest in serving the church outside the authority of an ordained priest.

    The rationale of the celibacy of the clergy is that there exists a conflict as far as the duties and confidences imposed by one sacrament (marriage) and another (holy orders). In fact, the sacrament of holy orders is seen as an individual's marriage to the visible church which he is supposed to serve. One cannot be deemed to be 'married' to different person's at the same time.

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