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Thread: How The Christian Right Justifies Trump.

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    Sep 2017

    I'm agnostic so I no longer put much weight on Christians. I think I became agnostic many years ago for reasons that are evident in your post. For years I struggled with how those who claimed to follow a path that promoted goodwill could do so many hateful and hurtful things to their fellow man until I could no longer deny the reality of what religion was. It is in my mind a cult that will do anything to protect it's power over people. The end justifies the means.

    I have come to feel sorry for those who claim to be Christians. They are prisoners to an ideal that has been prostituted out to politicians and the power hungry.

    If I believed in prayer I would probably pray for those who are religious for they are following a false prophet and they are too weak to see the truth.
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    Mar 2015

    Away from sharp objects>
    I believe in a world unknowable with parts unseen and an upside-down, that is actually right-side-up when looked at it from the spirit world.


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