Ken Ham and his fellow young earth creationists behind Kentuckyís ďArk EncounterĒ exhibit are locked in a dispute with the county who they claimed would benefit from the attraction.

Earlier this week, the Friendly AtheistĎs Hermant Mehta reported that Williamsburg, Kentucky officials decided to charge the Ark Encounter a $0.50 ďsafety feeĒ for each ticket sold, amounting to $700,000 that the Ark Encounter would owe the city each year. But according to Ham and his organization, they should be exempt from the tax since they are a non-profit ministry.

But as Mehta points out, the Ark Encounter ďhas legally been a for-profit business in order to receive a number of tax incentives from the city and state. Ö Itís not a church; itís a money-making tourist attraction.Ē

Kentucky officials strip Ken Ham?s ?Ark Encounter? exhibit of its $18 million tax rebate ? DeadState