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Thread: Ode to me Lady ~

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    Away from sharp objects>

    Ode to me Lady ~

    From thee
    were born all words of prudence
    thy grace hath exalted us
    beyond all measure
    I, but a humble pagan man
    seeking only to discern
    as thou
    as thee
    in a time before time
    in a land with no earth
    when fire painted the heavens
    and falling boulders
    pelted the briny deep

    and from such quandary
    thou ascended to dominion
    and all things fell
    under thy blessed invocation
    from mountains to valleys
    to quite meadows
    to sleeping hollows
    forever be my Lady
    forever hath minion
    upon fertile land
    and us mortal subjects
    who sing thy praise

    So mote it be ~

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