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Thread: Ricky Gervais on religion

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    Ricky Gervais on religion

    Religion's greatest trick wasn't convicing some people that there was a god, who is all powerful. It was convincing everyone else that you couldn't ridicule the idea.

    I think there'd be more atheists, and less faithful, if you... weren't allowed to mention any gods or any beliefs or atheism, right, until they were 20. I think we'd see a different pattern. The human brain, when it's young, is a sponge. It has to be. It has to take in all the information, it has to trust its parents, its elders, to survive. Without question... Don't touch the fire! Why not? Don't go near the wolf. Don't touch that spider, with the red dot, don't touch that. Why not? Just don't. There is a god! What? There is a god! And if you're bad you'll go to hell. Ok?

    And if that's constantly confirmed like all the other things. Wolves eat you. Black widows kill you. Fires burn you. If it's given that same level of credence and truth, you're never gonna get over it. It's gonna be a lot harder to undo that.

    I think the myths came up often as a stopgap to knowledge, until we find out more. The Earth is flat, and now we've proven that, ok, the Earth's not flat, we were wrong, okay. But that's not personal. You don't take that presonally, it doesn't affect you, it doesn't affect your afterlife. You know? And so they often want to hold on to that. But only because of the way they've been conditioned. We know it's fun to tell children there's a Santa Clause, and there's ferries in the garden, and all these cute things. It's cute until they're 7 or 8. If they're 34 it's a bit embarrassing socially.

    If you're born in India, you're probably a Hindu, if you're born in America, you're probably a Christian, if you're born in Pakistan, you're probably a Muslim. That's a coincidence, isn't it? That you're always born into the right god. Isn't that lucky? I was born into the right god. All those others are going to hell. But I was born into the right god, so I'm going to heaven.

    It's strange that we hold onto these sort of medieval beliefs. I think it's very important that you change your own beliefs. That's what science does, really. It doesn't constantly try and prove itself right. It follows the evidence, whatever that is. In fact it tries to prove itself wrong. It doesn't sulk. When science thinks something and discovers it was wrong it doesn't sulk because it found it out too.

    And there's also this strange thing that I get from faithful people. Why don't you believe in God? Well that's a very strange question. Why don't you believe in God? You came up with it. Why would I? As to saying "I don't know," well, if you're agnostic about God, in all his glory, and in all his impossibility, you've gotta be the same about Santa. You've gotta say "I don't know."

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    Whenever it was that I realized everyone believes what they do 99.9% of the time due to where they are born is when I decided there cannot, logically, be one and only one true path to God, and anyone who claims such is a liar.

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