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God can't exist because of Eric the God-Eating Magic Penguin. Since Eric is god-eating, by definition he has no choice but to eat God. So, if God exists, he automatically ceases to exist as a result of being eaten.

So, unless you can prove that Eric doesn't exist, God doesn't exist. On the other hand, if you can prove that Eric doesn't exist, then apply that same evidence to God.

There are only two possibilities. Either you can prove that Eric doesn't exist, or you can't. In both cases, it logically follows that God doesn't exist.

Have fun with that one, theists.
infinite regress

a fallacy in which the argument proposes an explanation, but the mechanism proposed stands just as much in need of explanation as the original fact to be explained ó and indeed it stands in need of the same kind of explanation. so it is tempting to apply the explanation to itself.

Amateurish, at best.