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Thread: Good Without God?

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    Quote Originally Posted by HCProf View Post
    Religion is personal and individualized. There is no peg or hole that any of us fits into for our hearts are all different. As far as good and bad, I think it depends on what you observed while growing up. If you are raised in a nurturing, caring, compassionate, generous is the foundation of good or bad. I don't base my faith on the beliefs or behaviors of others...especially extremist beliefs. I was raised Christian, but my parents encouraged me to find my own faith and to explore what makes me happy and fulfilled. I do not belong to a specific faith or Church and attend many different faiths and Churches by invitations of like minded, compassionate friends.

    My faith opened many doors to things that are a passion to me, such as giving my time and resources. I learned how to fund raise, raise awareness toward the common good, and help people less fortunate of me. I could have done that without faith, but Churches provide the opportunities and organization. Such as the Turkey program I participate every Thanksgiving...I donate at least 500.00 to buy the food and organize the youth group to cook meals for shut ins. I only attend that particular church about 6 times a year and they call me every October to sit on the planning committee for Thanksgiving. Last week, I taught Friends and Family CPR for a local church that was offering vacation bible school to children and teens. A few years ago, I only taught one class, this year, I taught 10 classes last week. I did not receive one dime for the time spent and purchased their cards out of pocket. This is what makes ME feel good and I forget about the shit that Jeff Sessions is spewing.

    My advice, stop worrying about what other people are doing and do things that make YOU feel good and fulfilled. If you don't like the message of one Church, keep traveling until you find one that you like or feel good about. Also, there are a lot of people who call themselves Christians who are truly not and there is no such thing as a perfect Christian or one without sin...same with any other religion.

    The "Fire and Brimstone" approach has turned off a lot of people and I believe those beliefs are declining rapidly because it is insulting to people who are doing the right things, such as serving society. People do not want to sit through a couple of hours only to leave feeling like a dirt bag...they want to leave feeling good.
    I am the opposite, when I finally dropped religion and the supernatural, I became quite liberated

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ian Jeffrey View Post
    What is the difference?
    Of course there is a difference. If you decide that, say, the law is good, one may, in turn, ask -- what makes the law good? If the answer to that question is rhetorical (it is good because it is the law), then one may not question the law. But questioning the law was the premise of your american revolution in the first place -- which goes back to the original question.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ian Jeffrey View Post
    There seems to be a presumption out there that one cannot have good without G-d
    ...or an ultimate source of good (not necessarily god). Clearly, this ultimate source of good cannot be subjective. Otherwise, what is the point of saying it is good in the first place?

    Quote Originally Posted by Ian Jeffrey View Post
    - yet plenty of evil people claim to believe in G-d as the ultimate good.
    Irrelevant to the question. One may claim all sorts of things but that doesn't make his claim right.

    To what, exactly do we ascribe the ultimate source of good? Granted that god doesn't exist, we still need to behave as if he does.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ian Jeffrey View Post
    What decides for them what is right and what is wrong?
    That is precisely why ethics cannot be subjective.
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