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Thread: Massive oil pipeline break under N.D. farmer's wheat field

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    Sep 2013

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    Massive oil pipeline break under N.D. farmer's wheat field

    AP October 11, 2013, 9:49 AM

    BISMARCK, N.D. North Dakota farmer who discovered an oil spill the size of seven football fields while out harvesting wheat says that when he found it, crude was bubbling up out of the ground.

    Farmer Steve Jensen says he smelled the crude for days before the tires on his combines were coated in it. At the apparent break in the Tesoro Corp.'s underground pipeline, the oil was "spewing and bubbling six inches high," he said in a telephone interview Thursday.

    What Jensen had found on Sept. 29 turned out it was one of the largest spills recorded in the state. At 20,600 barrels it was four times the size of a pipeline rupture in late March that forced the evacuation of more than 20 homes in Arkansas.

    But it was 12 days after Jensen reported the spill before state officials told the public what had happened, raising questions about how North Dakota, which is in the midst of an oil boom, reports such incidents.

    Massive oil pipeline break under N.D. farmer's wheat field - CBS News

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    Sep 2013

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    And three years later…

    More than three years later, N.D. Tesoro oil spill still not cleaned up

    Jason Thomson

    DECEMBER 19, 2016 —More than three years ago, 840,000 gallons of oil seeped from a pipeline break in North Dakota to contaminate the surrounding soil. Less than a third has been cleaned up.

    In the wake of another spill this month, 150 miles further south, as well as the ongoing debate over the four-state Dakota Access pipeline, the slow progress of the Tesoro Corp. cleanup is causing some consternation.


    The Tesoro break took place on a six-inch diameter pipeline, as did this month’s spill in Belfield. Neither is believed to have contaminated any water sources, but in the Belfield incident an estimated 176,000 gallons of oil spewed into a creek that feeds the Little Missouri River, a tributary of the Missouri River. Freezing temperatures appear to have limited the spread.

    The six-inch pipelines are part of a network that spreads for thousands of miles all over western North Dakota’s oil patch.

    By contrast, the Dakota Access pipeline – which has seen months of protests for environmental reasons, as well as concerns over the destruction of sacred sites – uses 30-inch pipes. The builder of that pipeline, Energy Transfer Partners, says that remote monitoring will allow workers to shut down the pipeline in case of a leak.

    When oil spewed from the Belfield line earlier this month, monitoring equipment failed to detect the leak, and it fell to another farmer to raise the alarm."

    More than three years later, N.D. Tesoro oil spill still not cleaned up -

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    Jul 2014

    Coulda been worse.

    Coulda been one of those self-exploding oil trains.

    There are no completely safe methods for moving oil.

    Pipelines are the safest way.

    People who want to protect the environment support the pipelines.

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    The protesters say they object to the pipeline’s being close to the water intake of the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation. However, this should be of no concern as it will sit approximately 92 feet below the riverbed, with increased pipe thickness and control valves at both ends of the crossing to reduce the risk of an incident, which is already low.

    Just like the companies that run the 10 other fossil-fuel pipelines crossing the Missouri River upstream of Standing Rock, Energy Transfer Partners—the primary funder of this pipeline—is taking all necessary precautions to ensure that the pipeline does not leak.

    But even if there were a risk, Standing Rock will soon have a new water intake that is nearing completion much further downstream near Mobridge, South Dakota.

    Dakota Access Pipeline Facts Protesters Don?t Want You to Know
    Thanks from Bronwyn

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