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Thread: US Citizen "travel Privileges" suspended.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rasselas View Post
    Haven't seen that. What persuades you that's true?
    “To the Ali family, it’s crystal clear that this is directly linked to [President] Trump’s efforts to ban Muslims from the United States,” Mancini told the Courier-Journal in Louisville, where the senior Ali was born and was buried last June, on Friday about the alleged incident, which occurred Feb. 7.

    The TRO on the ban was issued on 2/4, 3 days prior to the Ali claimed detainment.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BitterPill View Post
    On a domestic flight?
    Nope, my bad, that was just at a border crossing. Never heard of it on a domestic flight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NightSwimmer View Post
    It could be that he has received legal advice to remain within the country, for fear of not being allowed back in, should he leave. Who knows?
    Of course, possible... yet the question remains... legal advice by whom, and based on what ?
    There must / have to be "some" indication for any such risk for a US citizen... where does that come from, which gov entity tipped him / the legal advisor of ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kallie Knoetze View Post
    Ms. Birdzeyez,

    What does reviewed mean? Basically, what we have here is the Khan guy throwing out some nebulous term, then he declines to explain what he means.

    What we do know is:

    "Representatives with US Citizenship and Immigration Services told that they were not aware of Khan's case or of any American citizen having their travel privileges put under review by the US government.

    Calls and emails by the site to the Canada Border Services Agency were not answered.

    US Customs & Border Protection officials said the agency does not contact travelers in advance of their travel out of the US, adding that any US citizen with a passport may travel out of the country.
    The agency told Reuters that it would not comment specifically on the Khan case, citing privacy protections.

    There is no US State Department procedure for reviewing 'travel privileges', an agency official told the New York Daily News. Anyone with a valid American passport can enter and leave the country, they added."

    Khizr Khan's 'travel privileges are being reviewed' | Daily Mail Online
    Great post, though for Gods sake, don't use The Daily Mail. It's a British hate tabloid. They lead once a week with "Princess Diana murder" stories. They were fake news years before it was trendy.

    It's possible the comment was about the Canadian government. References to "travel privileges" would mean his privilege to enter Canada.

    But again... how would he know that?
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