Seeing the elitist, entitled Trump family in handcuffs, along with the rest of his robber barons. It would be symbolic, the people of this country finally getting justice once and for all and turning the tide on decades of the rich just completely robbing this country and destroying all that was good (like they did before leading up to the Great Depression). Nearly every single profession, its the same thing, the top get all the money and everybody else takes it in the ass. Shit, even working at a University, its horrible, their are so many chancellors, vice chancellors, presidents, VPs all over the place, all making many 100s of thousands of dollars a year while tuition rates go through the roof, and many of their workers make shit

One can only dream, one things is for sure, humans are idiots in general and all it will take is some stupid propaganda to dupe them into continuing to allow the super rich to rob them any more while they fight for table scraps

I have seen an upswelling in awareness, people who never got involved in politics getting involved. If the next election doesn't have huge turnouts, we know we are perpetually screwed, the rich will continue to plunder, and we will turn into a third world country