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Thread: Trump Is Using Campaign, RNC Funds To Pay His Lawyers In Russia Probe

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eve1 View Post
    He is you tumour as you thought he was better than Hillary, ha ha. PS Bernies' single payer push is scaring the Republicans so much they may actually pass Trumpcare version 2. It's worse than version 1. Thanks Bernie=NOT=as usual his timing sucks=he is making matters worse
    Bernie has no plan to pay for his.

    Kind of an oversight don't you think?

    You guys think you can just pass single-payer and its all paid for.


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    my understanding is these donors are voluntarily giving up the cash for a defense fund. Otherwise, it wouldn't be legal for the DNC to spend in on defending Trump.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Madeline View Post

    Isn't this guy supposed to be a billionaire? Why can't he pay his own bills?

    Your thoughts?
    Oh it's not just Trump

    The U.S. Office of Government Ethics has quietly reversed its own internal policy prohibiting anonymous donations from lobbyists to White House staffers who have legal defense funds.

    The little-noticed change could help President Donald Trump’s aides raise the money they need to pay attorneys as the Russia probe expands — but raises the potential for hidden conflicts of interest or other ethics trouble.

    “You can picture a whole army of people with business before the government willing to step in here and make [the debt] go away,” said Marilyn Glynn, a former George W. Bush-era acting OGE director who worked in the office for 17 years

    Trump ethics watchdog moves to allow anonymous gifts to legal defense funds - POLITICO

    Yeah, really draining the swamp isn't he??


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