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Thread: Ivanka Trump Clothing Was Exported By Chinese Gov't-Owned Company

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    Ivanka Trump Clothing Was Exported By Chinese Gov't-Owned Company

    An AP review of the records that are available about Ivanka Trumpís supply chain found two potential red flags. In one case, a province in eastern China announced the award of export subsidies to a company that shipped thousands of Ivanka Trump handbags between March 2016 and February of this year, Chinese public records show ó a possible violation by China of global fair trade rules, trade experts said.

    The AP also found that tons of Ivanka Trump clothing were exported from 2013 to 2015 by a company owned by the Chinese government, according to public records and trade data. It is unclear whether the brand is still working with that company, or other state-owned entities. Her brand has pledged to avoid business with state-owned companies now that sheís a White House adviser, but contends that its supply chains are not its direct responsibility.

    Ivanka Trumpís brand doesnít actually make its products directly. Instead, it contracts with licensees who oversee production of her merchandise. In exchange, those licensees pay the brand royalties. The AP asked Ivanka Trumpís brand for a list of its suppliers. The company declined to disclose them. The clothing, footwear and handbag licensees contacted by AP also declined to reveal source factories.
    Are they going to keep doing this shit the whole time he's president?

    Ivanka Trump Clothing Was Exported By Chinese Government-Owned Company

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    If true, this is an obvious example why our leaders need to reveal what assets and business dealings they have. At minimum, this has very poor optics. Perhaps family members will reconsider "unpaid" roles in the government going forward.

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    Like she is a hands on business leader in China lol.

    She is probably as clueless as anyone as to what they do over there.

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