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Thread: Daily Kos: "F --- This Country" (Because of Trump)

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    Daily Kos: "F --- This Country" (Because of Trump)

    This is why I can't relate to Progressive Democrats anymore.

    Take a chill pill Progressive Democrats, seriously! ...


    I don't like questioning peoples patriotism, even when issues of war/peace
    on the line, but REALLY SOROS ???

    SOROS, these are the kind of Trump hate blogs / shows you want to fund ???

    Considering Stephen Colberts "F ... Trumps soul" comment - sometimes you gotta wonder if the correct people in media are getting fired.

    Daily Kos: "F --- This Country"

    By FibreglassTrout


    "Fuck America. Any country represented by a majority of you imbeciles does not deserve my contributions to that society and culture.

    To the MSM trying so dilgently to pander to a Trump presidency,

    FUCK YOU! It's your negligence and fault we’re here … on this precipes. Had you treated Donald like you did Hillary, perhaps the FBI would given us updates on Trump University investigations 11 days before the vote.

    Fuck. This. Country.

    I will sell my home and reap whatever profit I can, before heading south (it's like 15 minutes away) and enjoy a life outside if American politics. Say what you want about Mexico, but they'd never vote Trump president

    Fuck this county. It no longer deserves me, nor my contributions to it. And to be honest, I ain't that great; but I am still better than America after Trump.

    Fuck America."


    my take on this:

    Now I watch Hannity, The Five, Lou Dobbs, Dana Perino, (etc.) even for myself, - after being a life time Anti-War Liberal - and although Shaun disgustingly supports and promotes every U.S. war in history, no matter how many people get killed, he like other Fox News people put the military solution first. And like Lou Dobbs, and his frequent foreign policy contributor John Bolton, they unceasingly criticize every U.S. official ever trying to use diplomacy as an option, like with Iran. With the exception of Dana Perino, who is super great articulate orator and political analyst, (the best on tv for sure) these guys are so repetitive you can predict what they are going to say. That's why I liked Bob Beckel and Eric Bolling - although both are now fired from Fox News, but at least they were humorous. Hannity had some good comments yesterday, too - more on that later.

    So - any thoughts Progressive Democrats ?

    Do you want America to continue to be this polarized over a fairly moderate Republican Pres. Trump until the year 2021 - just because the MSM, some uninformed Hollywood types, and some Democrat Party operatives, public radio outlets need to raise funds, want campaign donations, sell tickets, or manipulate you with phony outrage?

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