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Thread: Is There Value In Debating Hate?

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    Apr 2012

    Quote Originally Posted by Leo2 View Post
    Thanks, I agree with nearly all that. I cannot comment upon typical American younger people, as I have only visited, and do not live there. I have also made my regard for Jewish people and Jewish culture clear ever since I joined this forum, so I understand the stresses of the Israeli situation to some degree. I am also of the opinion that Jewish people contribute to every culture and economy, because of the values of Jewish culture - I would suggest there is little doubt of that.

    My point - other than perhaps questioning the impartiality of such an obviously pro-Israeli source - was to point out that the much-maligned 'young' (and university students in particular,) are often criticised by the establishment (a time honoured practice going back to Cicero) but in fact, it is probable that whilst younger people lack the life experience of their elders - a lower percentage of that demographic accept the self-serving mores of society. From what I have read - the marches against the profoundly immoral war in Vietnam was not led by middle-aged business men (for whom the bottom line is the only gospel) or by housewives. Those shot dead at Kent State University were young university students, and the roughly two million who marched (in vain) in London against the invasion of Iraq, did not consist entirely of portly bankers and well-dressed stockbrokers.
    Leo, my Grandson is close to your age and spending the day with him on Christmas Eve I was happy to know how much he really knows about what is going on in the world.

    Global warming was a subject he is very aware of. We had quite a discussion with a family member who made light of it.

    The young people of today are very advanced, I think because they have information right at their fingertips.

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    God Bless Texas
    Quote Originally Posted by Madeline View Post
    The PA has a constitution, which expressly calls for the destruction of Israel and the murder of the Jews.
    You can't use wiki as a source if you are not going to accept what it (and your own Jewish Library) says regarding citizenship of Gazans and residents of the West Bank.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coyote View Post
    In my own experience, it rarely pays to "debate" with someone who feels what you consider to be hatred towards a particular person or group.

    First, they'll almost always disagree that what they feel is hate, so there's just about zero chance that you're going to change their minds. If you've done this long enough, you probably realize you're not going to win them over. Instead, you're probably hoping to influence the people watching your debate, not your opponent.

    Second, if you're the target or a member of the target group, you're necessarily going to be more emotionally involved in the discussion. While it may be just an intellectual exercise for your opponent, you're affected personally by the outcome of the debate as it plays out large on the national or world stage, and it can be exhausting. The more defensive and/or tired you get, the more angry you become. People for the most part don't like to read angry. People want funny. The angrier you get, the more people start tuning you out. Pretty soon you have no influence on anyone anymore, and you're just burned out and probably cynical.
    If I could like this twice, I would. The only thing I'd add is that people want pathetic as much or more as they want funny. It's not cool and affirming, but it's true. We could substitute "moving" for "pathetic", but as a practical matter there's not a whole lot of space between those two descriptions. So it goes...

    Thanks from Coyote and PACE

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