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Thread: Alex Jones is being accused of racism, and sexual misconduct

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    Alex Jones is being accused of racism, and sexual misconduct

    I'm shocked!!

    Former Infowars staffers filed a formal complaint against conspiracy theorist Alex Jones alleging anti-Semitism, racism, and sexual misconduct -Business Insider

    Alex Jones, the notorious host of the right-wing conspiracy website Infowars, has been accused of using anti-Semitic and racial slurs to refer to two of his former employees, including one woman who also claimed Jones "grabbed her behind," according to the Daily Mail.

    One of the former employees, former video editor Rob Jacobson, who is Jewish, alleged that Jones bullied him repeatedly for his background, calling him anti-Semitic names like "The Jewish Individual," "The Resident Jew," and "Yacobson." The other employee, former production assistant Ashley Beckford, claimed Jones once grabbed her by her behind as he was giving her a hug, saying, "Who wouldn't want to have a black wife?"

    Beckford, who is black, said Infowars was a toxic work environment.

    "I also was subjected to harassment and racial slurs by Respondent's management and some peer colleagues, as well as subjected to sexual harassment and a hostile, sexually offensive work environment," Beckford said, referring to Jones.

    Beckford also claimed she was called a "coon" by senior members of the staff and said she was actively treated differently than other employees because of her race.

    "I was subjected to different terms and conditions of employment, in comparison to my non-Black African-American peers, when it came to my salary/wages and benefits (travel), and in regards to my dress, including my hair style," Beckford stated.

    Both former employees have already reportedly filed an Equal Employment Opportunity complaint against Jones. While Beckford had only joined the site's staff in June 2016, Jacobson had reportedly been working at Infowars for 13 years before being fired in May 2017.

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    Jones has been accused of anti-Semitism quite a few times over the years. In conspiretard land, nearly everything can be traced to the Jews, apparently.

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