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Thread: Second Congressman Admits

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    Veteran Member PACE's Avatar
    Nov 2013

    None of your business
    The GOP is wasting political capital; here's why, whether they realize it or not, the perception of this being a witch hunt is firmly embedded, and it hurts the Republican brand.

    The Republicans in my view appear weak from the RNC down;

    1) They can't control the message this primary season: Trump dominates the pools
    2) They cannot control their caucuses to pick a new speaker of the house
    3) They cannot control the message on this Benghazi investigation
    4) They have challenges in states where the encumbent is being primaried
    5) They have not spent enough money on the ground war, as they can't seem to wrap their heads around Trump

    They are in a state of confusion right now, and they wish to convince others that it's not them rocking their own boat, it's something else.

    It's almost painful to watch, but what it really means is this congress which was perceived as negative towards any consensus, is not really aligned in their No No No agenda
    They are just "frozen".

    And I don't see a thaw coming

    Thanks from Thx1138 and MaryAnne

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    Veteran Member John T Ford's Avatar
    Jan 2015

    Great State of Texas
    It is interesting that Rep. Richard Hanna has not offered any proof to his accusation.

    It's not surprising that the sheeple would pick up this story and parrot the whole Benghazi was just aimed at Hillary BS.

    Where is Rep. Hanna's proof? There are 7 Republicans and 5 Democrats that sit on the committee, including one of the most radical left-winged members in Congress, Elijah Cummings who has aided Hillary in impeding this investigation from the start.

    Now, it there were some truth to Rep. Hanna's accusation, wouldn't it seem logical that one of the 5 Democrats on the committee would come forward with this proof?

    But, that's reality and that hasn't happened has it?

    Rep. Hanna represents the 22nd District of New York. Hillary was Senator in New York. Rep. Hanna is a RINO. Heritage rates his score card for Conservativism at 22%.

    22% ....... The House Republican average is rated at 67%. Hanna is extremely to the left.

    This RINO is full of shit. Let him show proof that somehow 7 Republicans pulled off one of the greatest political stunts in history and created a partisan witch hunt to ruin Hillary's political aspirations at a cost of $4.5 million to the American tax-payers.

    Where's the proof?

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    Thought Provocateur NightSwimmer's Avatar
    Jun 2014

    United States
    Republicans have been trying desperately to squeeze a scandal out of the Benghazi consulate attack for the past 4 years, and all of their efforts have been to no avail. Are they really out of new ideas?

    Will they still be pounding this dead horse when they challenge the Democratic President in 2020?
    Thanks from MaryAnne

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